Českobudějovické pivo

The Ceskobudejovické Pivo PGI is a lager beer made with Moravian malt, water from artesian wells over 300 m deep, yeast of bottom fermentation and Zatec fine aroma hop.
The procedures and the equipment used for production of this beer are based on the professional experiences and practices acquired by generations of brewmasters and further developed in accordance with modern knowledge in the brewer´s field. The hopped wort of Ceskobudejovické Pivo PGI is produced exclusively by the two-mash decoction method with the open straining of unhopped wort and wort boiling under the atmospheric pressure. The strain of bottom-fermenting yeast is used for the pitching, which was selected and now produced and preserved in the brewery. The fermentation is performed in vertical cylindro-conical tanks with the controlled temperature from 6 to 11°C, while the lagering is separated from fermentation (double-step technology) and is performed exclusively in horizontal tanks. The period of lagering corresponds to the principles of a long term cold lagering with temperature no more than 3°C. After a lagering period the beer is filtered and filled in consumers' or transport packaging.
The Ceskobudejovické Pivo PGI is a pale beer with a typical bright golden-pale colour and smooth creamy head when poured in a glass. High content of polyphenols donated by Zatec fine aroma hop is a base for inviting drinkability and acceptability of all types of Ceskobudejovické Pivo PGI. This beer is characterized by lower intensity of smooth and gentle bitterness, by malty taste, which is given by difference between apparent and achievable degree of fermentation, by crispy taste, originated by natural fermentative carbon dioxide only.
The Ceskobudejovické Pivo PGI is produced in the city of Ceské Budejovice and its neighbourings, in the region of South Boemia. Every stages of production, processing and preparation of Ceskobudejovické Pivo PGI is performed exclusively in the defined geographical region.
The beer has been brewed in the town of Ceské Budejovice since the time of its foundation in 1265 and it has always been called according to the place of its origin. Each of the newly founded royal town was given various privileges. One of them was the privilege to brew and sell beer. This right was also given to the town of Ceské Budejovice at the time of its foundation. Production of beer in Ceské Budejovice was being further developed and was protected by other privileges. This beer has always been very popular and has been appreciated even in the royal courts for its exceptional quality. The popularity and continuous quality gained in history guarantees a foothold to Ceskobudejovické Pivo PGI in foreign markets in more than 50 countries of the world also in modern history.
The Ceskobudejovické Pivo PGI should be kept in a fresh area, at a temperature from 8 to 12°C, far away from direct light and heat. It is very good if it's consumed as a drink, at a temperature level of 6-9°C. The Ceskobudejovické Pivo PGI exalt the flavour of the typical dishes from the Czech tradition, like the sausages, sauerkrauts and soups.
The Ceskobudejovické Pivo PGI can be sorted in five different types which have a strong common origin: Pale Lager Beer, Krausened Pale Lager Beer, Pale Draught Beer, Special Beer and Nonalcoholic Beer.
Českobudějovické pivo